19 Love Stories From Tumblr That Will Melt Your Stone Cold Heart


True love exists and Tumblr has all the proof you need.


  1. Posted by 21neonbaconpand, — Reply

    My grandparents met in the most cliche way. My grandpa was the cool sports guy with issues he hid from everyone and my grandma was a nerdy girl who had a big crush on him.

  2. Posted by alvarescrispim, — Reply

    My grandmother was my grandfathers mistress and he had to break the engagement with his fiance at the time because my grandma got inpregnated by him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. Posted by HeirOfSlytherinTheOg, — Reply

    My grandfather got injured during a soccer game (he was a professional player) and my grandmother helped him and brought him a first aid kit whilst waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

  4. Posted by annafelston, — Reply

    I think my grandparents met at a party when my granddad sat in my grandma’s seat and instead of moving seats he offered for her to sit on his lap so she did. Another contributing factor was that my granddad looked like John Lennon and my grandma is a Beatles fan!

  5. Posted by charlotecooke, — Reply

    my grandparents were plus ones at their friends date but instead of the people actually on the date working out, my grandparents got together and went on to have 8 kids and like 13 grandchildren including me (:

  6. Posted by jessiebobby03gm, — Reply

    My grandparents met walkimg with their friends in town . My nan went to get on a bus and my grandad's friend asked her out she rejected him but agreed to my grandad when he asked her out. They were 14 and have been married for going on 60 years and have 2 kids and 5 grandkids

  7. Posted by JanethBTS, — Reply

    My grandfather got my grandma pregnant they seperated now repeat that three more times with different men and that's how my grandma has three daughters and a son. All my aunts and uncle have either a drug problem or alcohol my mom's responsible though 😊

  8. Posted by namjoonsTT13s, — Reply

    My grandfather was in this small band with his friends and he would always see my grandmother around while she was her friends and he would throw a wink her way and all her friends would just shriek and hit her on the arm.

  9. Posted by cosplay_chronicals, — Reply

    My grandparents on my mums side met when my Nan was working somewhere and walked home with him or something. My grandparents in my dads side met when my Nan worked at a pub and my grandad went there they joked a bit and that’s all I know .

  10. Posted by moana_is_QUEEN, — Reply

    Idk how my grandparents met but ik my grandma was 19 at the time and my grandpa was 42....they got a divorce when my dad was in his early teens, my grandpa has bin dead for the past 4 years and my grandma has bin lying to me about y they got a divorce

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